born on 4th April, 1989, Hong Kong, China; an animal lover, from ants to zebras; addicted to band sound, from arctic monkeys to young the giant; a huge mind stucked in a tiny body; play seriously everyday; aiming to become a perfectly imperfect person.

Topman Topshop Hong Kong Opening 

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an article the online shop by n.beely

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Visual Dairy

Sea sandwich
Just take a bite of it.

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Visual Diary
One of my fav quote fm Albert Einstein."Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

Visual Diary

One of my fav quote fm Albert Einstein.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

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Calligraphy work

The Chinese Beat Boxing – Feng yang Flower Drum

Fengyang Flower drum is a Chinese traditional folk song which is popular for centuries. The rhythm of the repeated lyrics is like beat boxing, a new form musical performance. I dedicated the work to this famous old song . I wrote the lyrics on a 24ft’ long paper in the seal script because writing the words in a long form this is the most appropriate way to show the continuity of this ceaseless lyrics.


釋文: 得兒隆咚 飄一飄 得兒隆咚 飄一飄 得兒飄 得兒飄 得兒飄  得兒飄飄 一得兒飄飄 飄一飄

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- Equanimal -

Nature: Brand and Ad graphic

Basic info:
Products: Tee 汗衣
Media: Clothing 服裝設計, Website 網站



Human and animals are like playing seesaw. We are linked together. If one falls, the other could not survive either. Thus we have to find a balance between the human and the animals. “Equanimal” is founded by a fashion lover who does not only pay attention to the fancy clothing but also the social and environmental issue. She would like to spread her concern of endangered animals through the medium she is familiar with. Besides, she hopes to connect people with the same belief together.


人類和動物的關係就像玩蹺蹺板,是緊扣在一起的。一方墮下,另一方也不能繼續遊戲。因此我們要在當中找一個平衡點,這樣雙方才能並存下去。 Equanimal 是由一名時裝愛好者成立的衣服品牌,目的是透過其最熟悉的媒介,去宣揚保護瀕危絕種動物的信息。


“Equanimal” aims to provide a chance to the customers to express their concerns of the endangered species. The name of “Equanimal” comes from the words equal and animal. Easy and simple, it means all living things in the world are equal and they deserve the same rights to live and survive. The t-shirts of Equanimal gives people a natural and simple feeling but with eye-catching visual. To emphasize the graphics and the natural and neat feeling, the color choices of t-shirts are simply white, light blue and grey.


Equanimal 讓顧客藉著產品表達自己對瀕危物種的關注。Equanimal 的名字是由「Equal」和 animal」組成,是指眾生都是平等的,而他們都擁有著相同的生存權利。產品的用色以白色、天藍色和灰色為主,給人一種和諧自然的感覺,但同時亦能突出圖騰的設計。

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Acuvue 敢觀世界 2013 competition

Happy 3 friends, a group of three girls who have no money but dreams, are hoping to share their joyfulness and dreams to the audience.

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Visual Diary

We are sick of being tightly packed.

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Seal engraving - Creative Project

The new Jungle Game

The new jungle game was inspired by two traditional children games which are the jungle chess and the Ghost leg. Jungle Chess is the microcosm of the nature where the most powerful predator is at the top of the game. However, we human, has dominated the top level in the reality nowadays and what we have done have threaten the lives of the animals. We ruined their habitats. In this project, I aimed to arouse the awareness of protecting the endangered animals by introducing a new game to the children that is inspired by the two traditional games. This allows children to get the message through a funny way.


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